Product Info

Placing an Order

When you submit an order to us on the web you are really putting in an order request and you will not be asked to pay at that time. Once we’ve received your order we will confirm the availability of the product you’ve ordered and reserve it for you, then we will calculate the shipping cost when applicable and then send you a detailed invoice by email. This email will contain payment options and once we have received your payment your order will be shipped as per your request. If you do not receive an response from us within 2 business days of placing your order please check your junk mail folder and/or let us know.

Wildflower & Grass Plugs

You can order plugs in any number and do not need to buy in lots of 4 but there is a minimum order of 8 plugs for orders being shipped. Wildflower plugs are $4.50 per plant but some slower growing varieties may be priced higher. Larger potted stock is available for pick-up orders.  Potted stock prices range from $10.00 to $25.00. Availability of potted stock varies please call for current information.

To have a plug order shipped there will be a $6.00 handling charge to cover making the arrangements, shipping materials, packing time and the trip into town to mail or ship your order; local pick up is available. Shipping costs include full insurance and depend on the distance shipped as well as the size and weight of the parcel. Our smallest box holds up to 20 plugs, the next size up holds 34 then 56 and the largest box holds 98 plugs.

Plant material needs to travel fairly quickly so we try to keep the shipping travel time to less than 5 days, sometimes when the plugs are dormant they can handle up to 8 days. Including the handling fee, shipping within Alberta by Canada Post for 1-20 plugs will probably range from $18-$28, while BC and Saskatchewan will likely be $20-$30. Shipping north or to Manitoba and farther east will generally be more economical through FedEx. Manitoba, Yukon, NWT, Ontario and Quebec will likely range from $25-$40 and NFL, Labrador and the Maritimes will be somewhere between  $30-$55. You can select "Most Economical" on the shipping options and we will find the best rate for you that falls within the above mentioned time line.

Our plugs come in a few different sizes depending on the growing habit of the plant. Most of our plugs are 1.5"sq with a 5"deep root ball while smaller or slower growing perennials are grown in smaller plug containers. The open book style of our growing containers allows for easy handling and transplanting.

We are outdoor growers and work within the natural cycle of the growing season. If you purchase your plugs in spring the wildflowers will be at least 1 year old. Plugs purchased in the late summer/fall delivery may be the current season crop. If we are sold out of something in the spring we may have it available in the late summer which is a great time to plant perennials; contact us to be placed on a waiting list.

Please note that plugs ordered in early spring will arrive dormant and should be planted as soon as possible. Do not take your wildflowers indoors; instead find a sheltered spot outside where you can keep your eye on them until they are planted. Plants left outdoors will wake up in-tune with the growing season and follow their natural cycle. Plants taken indoors will become seasonally confused and begin to grow rapidly producing weak stems and leaves; they will not be able to go back outside until the weather catches up to them.

Wildflower Seed Packs

The individual packs sell for $4.00 each, seeding instructions and growing information is listed on the back. Seed packages are available year-round and there is no minimum order. The cost for shipping seeds depends on the amount of packages ordered, less than 6 packages (not Mixes) needs a $1.00 Stamp, up to 10 packs is $1.20, 10-20 will need $1.80 and so on. Mixes cost a bit more. There is also a $2.50 handling fee for orders containing only seed packages. Large seed orders may require extra insurance which will add to the cost.

Each individual species of native wildflower and grass package contains a different number of seeds. Some wildflowers seeds are harder to come by than others and this is reflected in the number of seeds in the package. Please see the individual Plant Info/Order pages for information about the number of seeds in the package which can be found mid page just below the order buttons and above the plant description.

Native Grass Mixes & Bulk Grass Seed

Grass seed is available year round and there is no minimum order. An $4.00 handling fee will apply to grass seed orders containing no live plants. The cost to ship grass seed depends on the size and weight of the order and the distance travelled.

Our native grass seed comes from sources within the Prairie Provinces and is repackaged by Wild About Flowers into quantities that are more in line with the needs of the average home or acreage owner. Generally we do not collect the grass seed we are selling.

Pick-up Orders

Wildflower Plug Display

Local orders can be picked-up on an arranged date at our nursery just off Hwy 7 between Okotoks and Black Diamond, AB  which is about 30 minutes southwest of Calgary, AB. You can pick-up your order from April 15th to October 15th weather permitting.

When you pick up your order you can browse through a larger selection including species not listed on the web and larger potted stock. If you need help with plant selection or problem areas you can bring your photos and/or sketches. A map with directions will be provided once you’ve booked a date and time to pick-up your order. Call 403-933-3903.

Early Spring Shipping

Dormant plugs are available for early spring shipping and can be planted as soon as the ground is workable. We begin shipping around the end of April depending on the weather, if you would prefer to have your plants shipped later in the spring just let us know when you place your order.


Wildflowers are diverse in many ways including the speed at which they grow. Some wildflowers are very fast and others take a few years to become salable so there is no point in the season when everything is ready. Our plugs are available for sale from April to October; if a species is currently sold out it may become available again soon. Please contact us regarding the future availability of any sold out species or to be placed on a waiting list.

Occasionally, when dealing with live plant material, situations beyond our control arise causing us to be unable to fill parts of your order as expected. If this occurs, we will contact you and offer you a choice between substitution, back order or refund.

Volume Discounts & Custom Grow Rates

Volume discounts are available to the public and start with orders of 200 plugs. Custom grown orders will receive an extra discount, please call or email us for more information.

Bulk seed sales are limited as authentic wildflower seed is not available in large quantities. Small bulk orders and custom mixes are available and we can customized the seed envelopes for gifts and promotions; please contact us for more information.

Payments and Deposits

Orders to be shipped require payment in full prior to shipping. Large custom orders and pick-up orders to be held longer than two weeks require a 25% non-refundable deposit with the balance due on or before pick-up/shipping. Payment options include Visa and Master Card, a Cheque or Money Order made out to Wild About Flowers, or online with PayPal where more payment options are available. Debit is available for on-site sales.

What we Guarantee

We guarantee that our plants are grown by us from seed collected locally and responsibly and are not harvested from the wild. We guarantee that our plants will arrive in good condition that live plants will be healthy and be ready to transplant.

Actively growing plants

When you receive your order, please examine it and if you have any concerns contact us immediately and we will rectify the situation. We cannot be responsible for anything that is not reported upon receipt of the product as we have no control beyond that point.

Dormant plugs

If you received and planted dormant plant material in the early spring that appeared alive upon receipt but does not wake up by June 30th (of the year you received it) you should be eligible for replacement plants. To be eligible you must let us know of your concerns before May 15th (of the year you received the plugs) and provide us with photos, please call for more information.