Wild About Flowers – Company Overview

Wild About Flowers is a small specialty nursery focused on native perennial wildflowers of Alberta and the journey towards creating low maintenance, chemical free sustainable landscapes.

Native plants are beautiful, self-sustainable and well suited to our climate. The potential for native plants in landscaping and gardening is limitless and their contribution to the health of our environment is essential. Planting pockets of native wildflowers is a gift to Bees, Butterflies and countless other species, especially in urban centres and highly developed areas.

We hope to make it easy for you to navigate your wildflower options with our Plant Selection Tool. This is an evolving database that we update often as we learn more about these amazing plants and how to use their strengths to our advantage. We recommend it as the best way to navigate our website. Click Here to learn more about what it can do for you.

Our mission is to promote the use of native plants and sustainable landscapes by providing practical information and access to authentic Alberta wildflowers as seed and plants through ethical seed collection and environmentally conscientious production practices.

Seed Collection

We collect most of our seed from natural spaces like:

  • country roadside ditches
  • designated crown lands
  • private property by invitation

Our seed can be source identified. We are always scouting new locations to collect from and try not to return to the same sites every year. We collect in small groups by hand and are mindful of the amount of seed we take from any area.

We do not sell large bulk quantities of wildflower seed from natural spaces as providing this service would have a negative impact on our picking sites. We are excited to be in a new location that allows us to begin growing field stock. We are working towards increase the availability of some rare plants and being able provide larger quantities of field grown seed. We encourage people with large spaces to consider planting islands of plugs instead which will provide a constant source of seed year after year and are easier to establish.

Plant Production

We grow our plants outdoors and in-tune with the growing season which produces hardy plants ready to handle the transplant into the natural environment. This is also extremely energy efficient and utilizes freely applied rain & snow.

As a result of our natural growing cycle production practices and healthy plant growth time lines we have no need for chemical pesticides. Dormant plants are available starting May 1 and can be planted as soon as the ground is workable.

We are committed to being “Green Growers” and to promoting sustainable landscape design and maintenance practices that embrace indigenous life, biodiversity and respect for the living environment.