Welcome to Wild About Flowers

Wild About Flowers is a supplier of Native Perennial Wildflowers and Grasses and a promoter of native plants in landscaping and gardening. We collect our wildflower seed from natural spaces in Alberta and grow our plants outdoors and in-tune with the growing season to produce the hardiest of plants.

Native Wildflowers are perfect for gardening, xeriscaping, permaculture, acreage landscapes, naturalizing projects and commercial sites. The variety of wildflowers and grasses in this region provides us with a wide selection of hardy, drought tolerant perennials that are biologically acclimatized to our variable climate. These native plants are beautiful, diverse and add much of the colorful under-story to the fall landscape. Their ability to survive and prosper with little assistance and no chemical intervention make them an obvious solution to maintenance issues, water constraints and environmental concerns.

Native perennials and grasses offer eco-friendly alternatives to traditionally labour intensive, chemically laden, water dependent gardening and landscaping practices. Native plants are naturally acclimatized to local precipitation patterns and temperature extremes, they do not require fertilizers to be vigorous and healthy and are able to survive without supplementary watering. When wildflowers and grasses are used in conjunction to create naturalized spaces they have a complementary root systems that work to slow down and choke out unwanted plant material creating chemical-free, sustainable weed control. Naturalization of low usage areas will almost eliminate the need to mow, significantly reducing labour and emissions.

Experts say that the single greatest threat to biodiversity in Canada and around the world is the loss of wildlife habitat; naturalization also creates much needed habitat for wildlife and a beautiful view for us.

So grow a little wild and support your environment!